about the market

The Assembly Market is a collaboration of independent designers and makers working in fashion, interiors and print. The ethos of the event is beautiful aesthetics with a commitment to making sustainably and slowly in a world of fast consumption. 


Set over a weekend, there will be something for everyone. You can expect to see gorgeous simple linen clothing from Cornwall and Rutland, hand knits and dresses from London, artwork and prints for every taste, pyjamas and kaftans and a selection of cushions, quilts and curated vintage wares; also childrenswear, jewellery and bags.


It’s a wonderful opportunity to come and meet some of the best British Artisan brands, from fashion designers Justine Tabak, Nadinoo, Spry Workwear, Phaedra Clothing, & Daydress to printmakers Paper Covers Rock, Jess Albert and Elvira Van Vredenburgh.


Drop in and browse, talk to the designers and find out more about their brands; we want to encourage open dialogue between designers and customers and to encourage a new way to shop.