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The first Assembly Market

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

On the 17/18 November 2018 we opened the doors of the first Assembly Market and what a great weekend it was! It started with a thought, that if maybe a few sustainable slow fashion and homewares brands could get together and hire a hall, then maybe people might be interested to come and browse and find out more....well come they did!

So many new connections were sparked into life over this joyous weekend. Designers met other designers they had long admired, customers met designers they had been following online, customers who had never heard of 'slow fashion' came and shopped from small brands they didn't know existed and printmakers and potters, jewellers and bag makers all sold their lovingly made products to new homes.

While the high street seems to be struggling, the demand for crafts and slow made goods seems to be flourishing and we believe that there's a real shift coming. Yes, there will always be the juggernaut's on the high street, but many small voices can bring change and certainly in fashion we need a change. The numbers on the tally counters proved that there are many people who don't always want to shop on the high street.

It was wonderful to welcome a few brands who have never sold at pop ups or markets before, Pajotten being one of them. They came as a family, Becca, Ben and their wonderful son Wilf who was a massive hit! Not only are their clothes beautifully cut and made from the highest quality fabrics, there is a real authenticity about them as people. This, more than ever is what we need in a world of throwaway goods. Buying from brands like Pajotten is the best experience because it means you walk away with a fabulous garment which lasts a very long time and you enable small brands like this to grow in their business, slowly and steadily.

The market was opened by Jo Good from BBC Radio London, a passionate advocate of sustainable fashion, she gave a brilliant speech and then purchased a fabulous Hackney Jumpsuit from P.I.C.Style. We love Jo!

Jo Good opens the first Assembly Market in Abney Hall, London 16 on the 17 November 2018
Jo Good, Under The Cloth & P.I.C.Style at the Assembly Market

The whole weekend was full of fun and it had a great vibe - the homewares designers had so many beautiful things! There were a lot of happy customers walking out with new ceramics, prints and quilted goods.

The fashion, jewellery and accessories were simply stunning.
Justine Tabak's beautiful collection

Nadia, creator of the gorgeous brand Nadinoo Clothing

The lovely Deva of Phaedra Clothing

We also had a very interesting artist called Christopher Gee who has a book just out with New Heroes and Pioneers publishers. His work is very unique and was a great talking point.

Christopher Gee paintings

And not forgetting the volunteers and the friendly faces we saw throughout the two days. So many smiling faces...

An amazing weekend and the first of many! #theassemblymarket #slowfashion #artisanmarket

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