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Pajotten | at home in town & Country

Pajotten are a brand who have been on our radar for a little while. We have always loved their made to order business model, their belief in small scale production and the quality and cut of their clothes which is second to none. When they agreed to be part of the very first Assembly Market we were more than excited and they brought something truly special; everyone fell in love with them. Their beautiful display stand (built by Ben, Becca's partner), the harmony of the clothes, (designed and made by Becca & Ben) and Wilf, their wonderful son & model who manned the stand so engagingly. Pajotten is truly a family affair.

We asked if we could borrow some of their beautiful garments and style them on Andy & Emma, who are both teachers and clothing enthusiasts. We styled the Pajotten apron dress with a frilly cotton shirt and the mens' overalls with converses' and then paid a visit to Andy & Emma's tiny allotment bed in Kynaston Gardens a beautiful community garden situated off an alley and which has been lovingly cultivated and landscaped. These guys may only have one bed to tend but they certainly pour a lot of love into it.

There was a striking similarity between the sweet relationship Andy & Emma share with each other and the close relationship between the Pajotten family. It's almost as if there is love sewn into the seams of these clothes which reflected the tenderness we captured with our gorgeous models.

How clothes look on a website and how they feel in real life can be very different which is why it is great to bring brands like Pajotten to events like the Assembly Market. We really want to shout about brands like this because it's a beautiful and considered way to shop. Feedback from Andy & Emma, was they felt absolutely fantastic in these clothes and they felt they could be worn to work, for leisure, in town or in country. After a much needed cup of tea and a huge bowl of strawberries we changed outfits and went to Abney Park Cemetery.

We loved adding our own styling to these gorgeous clothes and also putting the Grubb Coat (Rust) on Emma. Unisex & multi purpose. Clothes don't need to shout and it's the small details which makes these clothes so desirable. The cut and integration of a pocket, the placement of a button and a perfectly executed pocket flap.

We found a rather handsome red setter on his daily walk and asked his owner if he could model. His name is RUEN. We really liked that he matched the outfits!

Pajotten will be at the next two Assembly Markets in Brixton on the 15 September and the 06 October and on the 23/24 November in Stoke Newington. In the meantime, go check out their latest blog post on sustainability because it's spot on. They didn't set out on a crusade to change fashion, they set out to make the clothes they like to wear. Sustainability is a given. And that is exactly how it should be.


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